There’s just something about that word.
            can send chills down my spine,
                Like no other I’ve ever heard.
      I fear its finality,
         The way it can sound like a cold clank,
               like a jail cell slamming shut.
               Caging me in….for always.
     Other times, I bask in its comfort
          It’s the soft thud of a door,
            shutting out the cold outside.
               Inviting you to sit by the fire.
                And feel at peace…for always.
    Sometimes it means to be gone forever
         The ending of a story
            The closing of a book.
               Never again to have another look.
  But sometimes, it means Always with you.
            You who make always seem like home
               Without you I couldn’t comprehend what that could be
     That always could mean finally being set free.



It’s such a small world until you’re looking for someone specific.

               Making Time Square with all her crowds
                    seem like an emptiness
                             as vast as the universe itself.
           An arm’s length away feels like the farthest distance
              when you’re wanting them to reach out to you
                            to even brush your hand.
           Talking can be so easy, until it comes down to three words
                         How they stick in your throat
                            And hang in your mind.
            And how much they can weigh down a simple
      It seems like such a small world until I’m reaching for you.