DIY Jewelry Organization Part I

Today I wanted to bring you a really easy diy jewelry organizer. All you will need is a shadow box, some cork or soft Styrofoam, burlap fabric, lace or border of your choosing, and hot glue.

First and foremost, take out the front glass piece of your shadow box. Mine also had a divider in it, which I also took out and am saving for a later project.

Next you will take your cork board or Styrofoam (either you can get at Michael’s) wrapping it in your burlap fabric and gluing it with hot glue. You need this step if the backing of your shadow box is to rigid…no one wants bent earring posts!!!

**The burlap may not be necessary if you like the cork look, however what I bought was probably not the best and it crumbled, the fabric helps with this!**

Next I hot glued this piece onto the back of my shadow box and it should look like so.


hot glue all along the perimeter of the square, don’t worry if it looks crazy, that’s what our lace/border is for!

Also make sure that you hot glue the back piece of your shadow box in place to keep the organizer sturdy.20171224_154517508609755.jpg

If you feel you have used too much hot glue…you haven’t….you are following these instructions perfectly 🙂

Next, I cut my lace to fit the inside of the shadow box and glued it. Here I have lied to you. You can use hot glue for this part, but I actually used E600 because it’s clear. It also has a strong smell, so be ready for that if you use it. Be in a well-ventilated area and maybe leave the piece in the garage over night so that it doesn’t make your room smell.

In the end, you’ll get something like this:20171224_1544171128097321.jpg

Make sure all glue is dry before you put your jewelry in here. You can also use this for necklaces if you use push pins to hang them on. I also wouldn’t limit yourself to just shadow boxes, I think a baroque picture frame would work even better with this!

Hope you like this idea and thanks for checking it out!