Job Hunting Adventure #1

A few weeks ago I wrote about things coming into place, I got a kitten and a job and was settling into my new city. There have been a few changes since then.
Turns out, I hated the new job. I work in customer service and do some administrative tasks which I don’t mind. The management, however, was another story. I was working twelve-hour shifts in a stressful place. I was only allowed thirty-minute lunch breaks, which they didn’t want you to leave for. Nevermind my coworkers took several smoke breaks that were paid for. As well as the fact that it wasn’t uncommon to work over two hours passed your shift time. On top of which, I felt like management was incompetent and disrespectful, so I left.
Then all hell breaks loose. In the meantime, a storm comes into town. Thus causing me to leave and puts my job searching on hold. I have finally gotten another job a few weeks later (Thank Goodness). However, this new job doesn’t pay too well unless people tip. Which makes me way too anxious to have this as a job I rely on. On top of which, I am still going to school, so 9-5’s are out.
I’ve decided then to keep this evening job for now but try to find something else interim that either pays more or I can do simultaneously. I decided I’d like to share that adventure with you to see if maybe we can learn something together.
So far the sites and apps I have used in my job hunting include, ZipRecruiter, Upwork, Instacart, and Shipt.
The most success I have had comes from Indeed, I’ve landed at least 5 to 10 interviews from this site and offered jobs. Some of these I turned down at the beginning of my move about three months ago for various reasons.
I don’t like ZipRecruiter. I did get my last job from there (maybe it jaded me?), but it seems like it has a lot of scams. A large amount of the jobs I applied for listed the wages and job descriptions inaccurately. Several of them listed wages with tips or commission in the hourly rate even though they have no way of guaranteeing it. I don’t appreciate that at all, especially if I take the time to interview with them. If you list a job on a site, please don’t advertise it as “Administrative Assisting” if you really want door-to-door salespeople. It’s just rude.
Upwork I have been trying for about a month now…I made 5 dollars. I appreciate these 5 dollars, but I would like more of them. I’m refusing to give up my dream of doing remote work. Is it me? Is it my resume? Can I not market myself?! I’m taking these rejections harder than if it were online dating! If you have any tips, please let me know.
As far as Shipt and InstaCart go, I just finished signing up for both of them so we shall see where they lead.

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