Diary of a Black Sheep 5: Life After Wine and Cupcakes

It’s been a while! I’ve had a crazy month; I moved states, got my first apartment, got a kitten, got a job, reconnected with an old friend, and went out on a date. Other than that, nothing has been going on 🙂

My move was kind of emotional, but a freeing feeling nonetheless. I think I was more than ready by the time I left, but saying goodbyes are hard.

When I got passed that feeling, the nerve-wracking realization that I didn’t have a job kicked in…HARD. I applied for literally hundreds of jobs, being hired by three of them, and accepting one finally. There was a time I went to 4 interviews a day until finally, something stuck.

I was hired for two jobs the week I came. One was for a marketing company/scheme that I really couldn’t see myself doing and I wasn’t positive would pay the bills. The other was for a doctor’s office that wanted to pay me almost what I got paid for my first job…No thanks, I’ll pass. Then I started interviewing again, and then to second interviews until one day I realized I had lost my appetite and was having a hard time getting out of bed. Depression/despair was starting to kick in and I was feeling so lost. As fate would have it though, my current job called me on this day to tell me I had the job. I was ecstatic.
I had defaulted to staying up to 5 or 6 am watching Downton Abbey, which while a fantastic show (can’t believe it took me so long to jump on that hype train) not the kind of life I want to lead. So thankfully I have something else to do besides cook, fill up online shopping carts with furniture I have yet to gain the means to acquire and eating.
So now, I am currently in my mostly empty apartment, typing once again on top of a wooden crate, while simultaneously fighting off a rambunctious kitten whose sole goal is to not let me sleep. He’s adorable and I love him, but if he makes me work a 12-hour shift on two hours of sleep again, I think I’m going to lose my shit.
I got this little guy because while I was supposed to be furniture shopping, I started looking for rescue kittens. I found some, and then decided the next day to go meet them. however, I got lost as those new to town often do and ended up at a completely different pet store than I intended. Thankfully, this one also had a rescue kiosk and I picked one out. He wasn’t ready to be taken home yet so I made plans to come back in a week and adopt him then. I interview for another week, then make the trek back to him. Unfortunately, the little guy I picked out originally was determined to be a cat that needed other cats. My apartment tells me I can have two animals and I already have a dog, so the rescue and I determined that the best thing would be for me to take another kitten. I was a little upset, I wish they had told me beforehand, but then the rescue volunteer suggested another little guy. He’s beautiful. I also think that he bonded with me better than the other kitten had and so I think this is a much better match. He even gets along (mostly) with my dog, who doesn’t really get along with other animals. I’d say its fate may be.
Also during this time, with the help of a close friend and some wine I was finally able to apologize to a friend I had had a falling out with. I was able to say why I did what I did and that I was sorry about how I handled it. Now I feel like I finally have one of my best friends back and it feels so good. He had stayed in contact with one of my best friends and I had the opportunity to reconnect with him. I wasn’t sure how he was going to take it, but I figured new beginnings sometimes mean repairing some of the past if you can. So I took the chance, and I’m glad I did.
The next thing for me now is to get some furniture. I don’t think anything has made me appreciate furniture more than sleeping on a floor for a month. I was so desperate to be off of ground level I bought one of those saucer chairs from Target…best 25 dollars I’ve spent in a while!

Overall, now that some things are starting to come together, I’m really excited for what this leg of my journey has in store.

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