The Rain

What is that sound?  Is it the rain?  Is it water falling from the skies   Or is it hopes shattering at the ground? Maybe it’s hope waiting to be found   Or maybe it’s love running all around. If we’re drowned by love, is there really sorrow? But what if it’s our dreams that are crashing... Continue Reading →

Quieter Moments

You know, you're beautiful. The one who stands with their head down, afraid of the sunlight. You, who in quieter moments, shines brighter than most. You may think you're not enough. but you're wrong, Just because you don't take center stage, Just because you stay quiet And though you shouldn't be scared to be seen,... Continue Reading →

Monsieur Einstein

Here you are at last,         your words scrawled across the page,            my long lost friend.     For so long you seemed so unreachable,           at a height I just couldn't comprehend.    These theories and thoughts of yours, seemingly without end.... Continue Reading →

But Life Went On

I sat down to write you a line, But life went on. Now you seem so unreal to me a ghost flitting through my past, in my heart, in my mind. You have this strange way of returning to me It's odd to think I don't know you anymore My dearest friend. I'd hoped to... Continue Reading →

You May Ask Me

You may ask me, if I want to grow old with you, and my answer would honestly be no. I don't want to love you with an aging love, or to look at you with eyes weary with time. I want to love you like we'll always be young, No matter what happens, no matter... Continue Reading →


Sometimes being brave is the only choice we have; courage has nothing to do with it. Sometimes hanging on is really the fear of letting go. To see what else could be..... It's the fear of our plans changing living a new life or standing alone. Just the same, sometimes moving on is the fear... Continue Reading →

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