Job Hunting Adventure #1

A few weeks ago I wrote about things coming into place, I got a kitten and a job and was settling into my new city. There have been a few changes since then. Turns out, I hated the new job. I work in customer service and do some administrative tasks which I don't mind. The... Continue Reading →

Letters to My Muse #1

You know, they say if you capture a writer's heart, you never really die; I wonder if that's true. It seems so unfair that you could steal a heart and gain immortality, sacrificing me for yourself. That seems more like the Aztecs than modern-day America. Though, I have to say, falling for you was a... Continue Reading →


It's such a small world until you're looking for someone specific. Making Time Square with all her crowds seem like an emptiness as vast as the universe itself. An arm's length away feels like the farthest distance when you're wanting them to reach out to you to even brush your hand. Talking can be so... Continue Reading →

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